The CheeringFans™ Offer You Many Different Ways to Send Us Your Files

Uploading Your Files to the CheeringFans™ FTP (Recommended for less than 100 MB of Files):

Delivering Files to the CheeringFans™ Using FEDEX or UPS:

Please include following information with disk

  • Company Name
  • Sales Person
  • Production Person
  • Application files created in
  • Job Number - If available
  • Phone Number
  • You can mail your files to the CheeringFans™ See mailing address below

    The CheeringFans™
    11-05 44th drive
    LIC, New York 11101
    ATT: Production Person
    Click here to access or
    If you have any questions, contact our technical support team at 1-800-969-2676 ext. 260