Text Messaging Programs

The text messaging programs that we design for athletic teams make the fan experience much more enjoyable while also increasing your revenue. With the following options listed for fans and your team and sponsors, a texting campaign would mean more fan interaction and therefore a great stadium experience for all those involved!

For the Teams and Sponsors

  • Win
  • Donate
  • Receive discounts
  • Purchase team merchandise
  • Receive ticket upgrades
  • Purchase a sponsor’s product
  • Visit a website
  • Receive coupons
  • Receive video
  • Receive audio

For the Team and Sponsor

  • Direct Q & A Texts with fans to collect consumer interests
  • Text alerts to fans instantly!
  • Capture fan e-mail, demographics, likes and dislikes, phone numbers
  • Measure fan response by tracking URL visits, amount of text responses, etc
  • Develop a personalized relationship between fans, your team and sponsors
process chart